General Queries

What is OROBO?

OROBO is cross-border bill payment and money remittance service that allows customers to send money or pay bills directly to Nigeria at a low, fixed transaction fee of $4.99.

Payment/Pricing Queries

How much does it cost?

You can send money and pay bills at the low, fixed fee of $4.99 per transaction. You can visit our homepage and enter the amount you would like to send and see what the receiver will actually receive.

Security Queries

Are my details safe with OROBO?

Sending and receiving money through OROBO is extremely safe. We are PCI DSS compliant and use SSL encrypted technology across all our platforms to ensure your financial and personal details are private and secure. OROBO uses Amazon Web Service (AWS), the leading cloud computing providers, which adds an additional layer of data security.

Service Queries

What are cross-border payments and money transfers?

Cross-border payments are also known as “remittances.” It is the transfer of money from one country to another. These payments usually occur between family members and relatives living in different countries. This can include paying utility bills, hospital bills, school/college fees or sending money for living expenses such as food and clothing. It can also include sending money to an account you have in another country.

Technical/Usage Queries

Can you use this on Android and iPhone?

Yes, OROBO is available to users on both iPhone and Android devices. You can download the application from the App Store or Google Play Store. Always ensure you have the latest operating system installed on your device for the optimal OROBO experience.